A popular band or incredible DJ are essential to ensuring a fantastic atmosphere. Exceptional art performances right in front of your guests or impressive artistry shows will be talked about for a long time. Your event determines the entertainment to be provided, and we will take care of it with an extensive portfolio of entertainment options, ensuring a suitable social program in line with your ideas. 


Fanciful people on stilts, inspiring speakers and presenters, magical moments with a close-up magician or a group of parcours performers who suddenly begin a fantastic show amongst your guests. These are just a few of the options we have to help ensure your event is a successful, unforgettable and entertaining experience. And you can rest assured this will always be perfectly aligned with the nature of your event and your ideas.


Astounding, entertaining and inspirational exhibits you have never seen before can help to create unforgettable moments at your event. Whether it be poetic sand paintings which captivate observers with light and shade, individual tape art pieces taking shape or arranging light graffiti shows for captivating entertainment, we can do all of this for you, and much more!


Everything is better with music. A musical backdrop definitely helps to create the right setting for your event, whether it’s an accompaniment in the background, or a way of creating a party atmosphere for your guests. Whether it's cool grooves or cheery folk music, the range of styles and directions can be as far-reaching as the talent on show. This includes the fantastic singer and DJ duo, the popular party band, the iconic instrumental cabaret or the hearty Oktoberfest band you recognize from the television, the stage or the great festival tents. We can help bring all of these things to life at your event!


Business as usual is a thing of the past, so we are happy to provide ideas that are just as extraordinary as they are multifaceted. Maybe you are looking for something indoors or out in the open air, or perhaps a sporting challenge or tricky brainteaser? Or perhaps you want to experience some proper Bavarian fun or do something creative together? Whatever it is that you are looking for, you can rest assured that you will find just the right social program or fantastic team exercise for your event amongst the extensive range of unique options that we have to offer. No matter what you opt for, they all have one thing in common – in addition to being a great deal of fun, all of these experiences will help to foster a lasting sense of togetherness amongst those involved!