It is often the well-thought-out details that transform an event into a truly special experience. This involves presenting a particular service just at the time your guest is thinking "Yes, that would be great now..."

Our Event Managers are happy to share their wealth of experience with you and advise you in terms of relevant and interesting services that we can provide you as part of a genuine all-round service.

Event Manager / Business Center

We provide you with a contact person for all of your event requirements, who is on hand before, during and after the event. Our experienced and skilful Event Managers are always on hand to assist you, from the initial joint conception phase to the successful realization of your event, right through to every single last detail. You can rest assured that they will be reliable, on time and within the budget specified by you. They are true “best of business” advocates, a concept which also extends to the INFINITY Business Center as well. The setup of our meeting rooms in line with your requirements also includes an extensive range of office communication services, such as printers, copiers, fax machines, and much more.


Successful coffee breaks are the sign of a successful meeting, and you can rest assured that we will help you achieve both. There is a spacious area in front of the meeting rooms on each floor, with standing and seating options enabling informal discussions and relaxed networking, including stunning outside areas to soak up the sunshine and get some fresh air.

These relaxing areas may be used at any time during your event, regardless of the set break times. And if you are a little bit hungry and looking for a big burst of refreshment, there is a selection of snacks available (sweet, healthy and savory), which change three times a day, along with a selection of up to 25 different refreshing and well chilled popular beverages (including smoothies). Perhaps you fancy an espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato instead? If so, you and your guests can enjoy a freshly brewed beverage from one of our top quality La Cimbali coffee machines!


The key to success is food, which is why adding the right culinary specialties to your event will make a significant contribution to its success. In the process, our catering professionals will happily transform your individual ideas into reality or put forward suggestions for a range of dishes and beverages in line with your concept. Whether it's a traditional banquet, flying finger food or an authentic BBQ serving pulled pork and craft beer, there are a number of different options available. These options can also be supplemented in the best possible way by adapting the decorations, service personnel and other elements in line with the event theme.


Why not transform your ideas into a feast for the senses and make your event a truly impressive one? We are more than happy to provide you with a competent and reliable media technology partner to assist with events in our hotel. This allows you to reap the rewards of this collaboration with an extensive range of services in the fields of event technology, stage construction, lighting and sound technology, as well as innovative media and event technology solutions. If required, this also includes options ranging from the creation of MICE event apps to digital solutions and virtual reality applications, right through to 3D and real time renderings.


We can help you customize your event with the aid of our professional partners from the furniture sector, who will be more than happy to help transform your requirements and wishes into reality.

From fine bridge-style tables to illuminated bars, innovative buffet areas or food trucks, there are no limits to the fantasy worlds and possibilities that you are looking to create. Our partners will be more than happy to advise you!


Whether you are looking for an opulent or purist style, matching your company colors or influenced by the seasons, our skilled partners from the floristry and decoration sector can help to ensure your event is held in a stunning and atmospheric environment.

The options available range from the conception and execution of unforgettable themed parties, right through to themes such as Arabian Nights, Casino Royale, or a proper Bavarian theme.